Songwriting Contest

Sign up now for the Harvest Festival 2014 Songwriting Contest!

Submissions due by September 22nd!

Bust out your instrument and get the creative juices flowin’ — Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Music Festival is having its fourth annual songwriting contest!


The top three winners will receive tickets to Harvest Festival 2014, and will perform their winning songs on the Roost stage during the Songwriters Showcase, Saturday Oct. 18 11:00-11:30am!

The first place winner will also receive a new guitar from The Musician’s Exchange!


  1. You must mention TWO of the five following topics in the lyrics of the song:
    1. Harvest Music Festival: (Examples: Write about a favorite memory at Harvest, why you want to go to Harvest, or why you enjoy Harvest so much!)
    2. Mulberry Mountain: (Examples:  Have your lyrics be about the setting of Mulberry Mountain or an experience you had on Mulberry Mountain.)
    3. Yonder Mountain String Band (Examples:  Sing about a Yonder Mountain show memory, why you love Yonder Mountain String Band, or how you discovered Yonder Mountain String Band)
    4. Ozark Mountains
    5. Harvest Moon
  2. Songs must be submitted by Monday September 22nd in MP3 format.
  3. Each song entry requires:
    1. A Completed Submission Form: Songwriting  Contest Submission Form
      Each song submitted must be submitted individually via the entry form linked above.  Enter as many songs as you would like.
    2. A $10 Entry Fee: Songwriting Entry Fee Payment Site
      Entry fees ($10/ea.) for multiple song submissions fees may be combined into one payment. For example, if you have two songs you would like to submit, you must fill out two submission forms and make one entry fee payment (Entry Qty=2) for a total of $20.
  4. No paid performers of Harvest 2014 will be allowed to enter.
  5. Acoustic lyrical songs only.
  6. Songs must be less than five minutes in length.
  7. Contestants may play the song solo or have a maximum of one person to accompany them.   This rule applies for both submitted recording of the song and when presenting it onsite.
  8. Song entry must match performer’s capability.  You must enter the song in the same way you will be allowed to present it if you win.
  9. Lyrics must be typed out and submitted along with the song. Via the submission form.
  10. Songs will be judged on originality, melodic, and lyrical content and WILL NOT be judged on performance.  The point system used for judging is shown below, with a maximum of 500 points available.
    Judging Point System

    1. Song Originality: 100 points
    2. Melodic Presence: 100 points
    3. Quality of the Lyric Hook: 100 points
    4. Quality of the Lyric Subject Matter: 100 points
    5. Quality of the Lyric Structure: 100 points
  11. Entrants retain all rights to their songs.
  12. We will announce the winner of the songwriting contest via the Harvest Facebook page shortly after the entry deadline (September 22) and will contact the winners of the contest via telephone and/or email.

2013’s Winners:

1st Place – Autumn Heigle – “Harvest Bound”
2nd Place – Mike Ichniowski – “Mulberry Mountain Reunion”
3rd Place – Lindsey Flowers – “Feather in the Wind”